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Visiting Game Goblins

We recently traveled to Arkansas for vacation and after a rough start to our trip, we decided to burn a little time in Little Rock. Several years ago, we started a tradition of visiting the local game shops in the cities we travel to and picking up a game as a souvenir of our travels. Often, we also purchased a game for a friend as a thank you gift for house sitting or taking us to the airport. So, off to Game Goblins we went.

When we arrived, the store shelves brimming with new and unfamiliar games was a welcome sight for our weary eyes. We weaved in and out of the aisles, excitedly pointing out new games and old favorites. An excellent paint selection and wide variety of game accessories lined the wall and the board games were organized by style making it easy to find a game to fit our mood.

A staff member approached my husband and they had a great conversation about gaming and he described how they sourced their impressive collection. Meanwhile, I checked out the rest of the store. There was a large play area in the back that included large war-gaming tables as well as several open tables for card and board games. Locals played a RPG while more patrons entered and exited the store. With every visitor, the staff did their best to ask how they could help as well as engaged them in delightful conversation.

All in all, I think we probably spent 40 minutes browsing their collection. We had a great visit and we definitely plan to drop by again when we visit Arkansas in the future. Many thanks to the staff at Game Goblins. You guys are great.

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