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Gallery: Titanite Demon

I was so excited to start painting this game. I recently had the itch to lift the paintbrush, but knew that Dark Souls would arrive at any minute on my doorstep. We kickstarted the game a year ago and the pieces looked absolutely incredible in their updates.

I waited patiently for the game to arrive, as did my husband. I've never seen him so excited for anything. Once we had it in our hands, we immediately opened the box and I gazed in awe. Miniatures seemed like an understatement.

That weekend, I hurriedly brought out all my paint supplies and asked my husband which one I should paint. Since I would be painting while playing Dark Souls, I didn't want to get started on a mini that would require too much concentration. "Titanite Demon," he responded. "Color?" I asked. "Hmm, green and metallic."

Awesome. I looked up a screenshot for reference, then rushed downstairs to prep the mini while getting my colors ready. For the next 6 hours, I painted the Titanite Demon while destroying wave after wave of Crossbow-Hollows and Silver Knight Archers. Once I finished it up, I asked my husband how close I was to the game and he responded with, "Crazy close." Granted, there are many colors in the video game, depending on how the demon was forged, but he said I was spot on for the one he had in mind.

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