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River, a Preamble

Hello there, y'all!

Since I have the honor of writing for i paint games, I think it's only fitting that we start out quite honestly & with a brief introduction.

About River

Am I the incredible artist of this site? No, I can't hold a paintbrush steady for the life of me. Perhaps this is caused by my eagerness to see the final product and get it to the table, or maybe it's my blossoming caffeine addiction, (don't judge me), the bottom line is this — I can't paint, so don't ask me.

However, I'd like to learn as I truly admire painted minis and bits. These beautiful components hold the power to heighten the game experience for many of us. And though I lack any painting prowess, I'm thrilled to join Lena as a contributor and share my appreciation for tabletop.

Gaming has introduced me to not only new friends, but also a new world of beauty, imagination, and playfulness that I never expected. It's the overall experience that draws me to board games. The colorful pieces, social interaction, exquisite artwork, and clever mechanics engage me in ways that I cannot explore through the left-brain focus of my career.

In every game, I endeavor to elevate the overall experience for everyone present. Whether consulting the forums, establishing new house rules, or adjusting gameplay to the the group dynamic and tabletop proficiency, I want everyone to have a good time.

My Introduction to Board Games

My first game night was in 2011. After recovering from a very difficult breakup that had me question my own judgement and ability to trust my instincts, I nervously walked into our local game store, unsure of what to expect. The only board game had ever played was Scrabble.

To my surprise, I was quickly welcomed by the group and readily invited to join in the fun. I didn't know at the time, but among these gamers, I would meet my boyfriend as well as several of my dearest friends, including Lena.

After an incredible night of Boomtown, Intrigue, and Alien Frontiers, I realized I heard laughter that I didn't initially recognize as my own. I was happy and never realized that gaming would help me find my way back to myself. With colorful components, varied mechanics, and a wide gambit of themes for me to navigate, there was a whole new adventure waiting for me through board games and I wanted more.

Building My Collection

I confess, I may have gone a li'l crazy. During the first few years of this hobby, in my eagerness to score as many new games as possible, I soon developed a reputation for tracking down impossible titles.

Through worldwide trades, treasure hunting at our local goodwill, bargaining, and emailing publishers, I acquired an original, in-shrink, copy of Moongha Invaders: Mad Scientists and Atomic Monsters, as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend.

I also discovered I was completely smitten with abstract and beautiful games. Years later, I obtained my very own grail game, Master Thieves, using home-baked cookies to sweeten the deal. Drei Magier Spiele, Seiji Kanai, Cwali, and Stefan Feld games became my favorites.

What's Next?

Presently, I'm in the process of culling, in an effort to share some great titles with others and clear the shelves for new favorites. I've also realized that i actually don't need to scour for the newest hotness on a daily basis, snag every expansion/promo, or own the same fantastic titles that several of my friends do.

That being said, I'm hoping a friend buys Sagrada by Floodgate Games; otherwise, I'll be stepping up and purchasing as it is a great game. I'll be sure to keep y'all posted.

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to our game shelves!


Remember, I mentioned something earlier about being honest with one another? Well, Lena is not only the artist; she is a writer by occupation. And yes, she is editing this entry. Only a li'l though, as we both very much respect each other's voice and opinions. We may not always agree on what to setup on the table, but we take turns and aim to be fair always. We also hope to foster an embracing spirit here, sharing titles that we love, ones we're still figuring out ourselves, and/or ones that we feel are under-loved and deserve another play.

What we're about:

Gaming is one of our favorite ways to spend quality time with family & friends.  Our philosophy is to embrace all genres and titles. 

No game left behind. We just haven't gotten around to it yet.

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