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Hi, I'm Lena.

I like to paint games

Painting is one of my many hobbies. Exploring my creativity has helped me meet amazing friends, most of whom I would never have met had I not tried something new.

How I started painting

When my husband and I became engaged, we moved in together in a new city. We grew up in a small town, so living in a metro area was exciting in that there were so many things you could do for fun.

I found a board game shop and when we first arrived it felt like walking into a toy store when you were a kid. Giant tables filled with scenery and miniature soldiers engaged in battle. Card game players focusing intensely on their hand, deciding how to outsmart and best their opponent. Board games with interesting pieces. Upon seeing unfamiliar faces, the owner introduced himself and his shop, pouring over the multitude of gaming activities that happened every week.

Soon, it became routine to visit the shop twice a week, joining in a board game or World of Warcraft TCG play. On one occasion, I struck up a conversation with the owner about the beautiful Warhammer miniatures in the glass case. We talked at length about painting then, he asked if I'd want to try it myself.

Of course I did, but how?

He offered to let me practice on unpainted miniatures. He handed me a metal mech and three bottles of paint in blue, grey, and yellow. The owner joked that i could paint it in the colors of his favorite NFL team. Overjoyed, I went home and read whatever I tips I could find online. A week later, I had the basics down. But I wanted more.

I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a set of starter acrylic paints. I practiced blending and flood techniques, and soon the mech was complete. He even had a red glowing muzzle around the tip of his gun. I returned the mini and he was impressed. I tried to return his paints, but he told me to keep them. We was a nice guy and his attitude was reflected in the many gamers in the store.

From there I practiced on other games we owned. If I could make these look good with beginner paints, then I could move on to professional tools. After much success, my husband gave me the go ahead to expand my collection.

Why this website?

Well, it started out as a way I could showcase some of my best work. However, the more I thought about it, I decided that it could be something more. Tutorials, galleries, and reviews. It could be anything I wanted. I talked to River, asked if she had interest in collaborating and she immediately responded with, "Yes! Absolutely!"

We talked at length about the project and we agreed we wanted this to be different. There's a game for everyone and we're hoping we can help you find one.

What we're about:

Gaming is one of our favorite ways to spend quality time with family & friends.  Our philosophy is to embrace all genres and titles. 

No game left behind. We just haven't gotten around to it yet.

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